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Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital
Magic of Hands by Dr. Ravi Mahajan Amandeep Hospital


What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck or TT) is surgery to remove the excess skin and fat on the abdomen that may accumulate after pregnancy, obesity, or major weight loss

Reasons to consider tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck is considered in those who have loose  Skin and excess fat particularly in the lower part of the abdomen. Generally excess of skin and fat under the umbilicus can be removed. Muscles of the abdomen tightened and fat from upper abdomen is removed with Liposuction. 

The benefits of abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck flattens the abdominal area and tightens any excess skin leaving a more taut and attractive stomach area. It can even remove stretch marks. The result is slimmer, firmer tummy that you can flaunt with confidence.

Is it right for me??

Tummy tuck surgery is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image.

Abdominoplasty is a good option for you if:

How is a tummy tuck surgery performed? 

The incision is given horizontally just above the pubic  hairline and along the groin crease. Tummy tuck surgery is done under general aneasthesia. If required liposuction is done for the upper abdomen and  abdominal skin is lifted and the underlying abdominal muscles are repaired. The upper abdominal skin is pulled down and excess skin(usually whole of the skin below the umbilicus) is removed. A new opening is created for the belly button.   Belly button is pulled through to the surface and sutured into position. Incision is closed in layers.

Is there much swelling & pain associated with abdominoplasty?

The amount of pain with an abdominoplasty is quite variable. Some people report a moderate amount of discomfort and some say it is more intense. But there will be some pain. Your surgeon can give you a prescription for pain relievers which keeps you quite comfortable.

Where are the scars located in an abdominoplasty?

This is not a scar-free surgery. There is a linear scar just above the pubic hair and groin.It remains hidden under the clothes and also fades over a period of time. 

When will I be able to see the results?

You will start to see a difference after the swelling subsides and the drains are taken out. A full abdominoplasty is considered a very invasive procedure. Give your body time to heal and you will reap the many benefits of the procedure.

How long do the results of a tummy tuck last? 

Results of tummy tuck are long lasting. To keep up the shape you must maintain a healthy life style.

What are the risks of abdominoplasty? 

Like in any other surgery there is always anaesthesia related risks, infection, bleeding ,fluid accumulation (seroma), poor wound healing, scarring etc. can be there. In healthy individuals their risks are very rare. 

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